NADA Complaints Information

NADA welcomes feedback from members and stakeholders about all elements of our products, services and activities. All feedback is valued and is considered integral to ensuring improved quality of our services. Any staff member can receive feedback, however the below information will assist you should you wish to lodge a complaint.

Who to contact?

NADA encourages you to first talk to the staff member concerned before making a formal complaint to see if the issue can be resolved. However if you don't feel comfortable about this, members and stakeholders are welcome to contact any staff member to raise their complaint or discuss their feedback; alternatively a NADA Complaints Form can be completed or feedback submitted using the contact details below.

Who can make a complaint?

NADA will accept complaints made by a person on their own behalf, on behalf of another person or on behalf of a service. If a complaint is being lodged on behalf of a service, confirmation from senior management will be sought.

How to lodge a complaint and what happens next

1. NADA encourages you to make a complaint in writing where possible.  We are also able take complaints verbally (NADA's telephone number is 02 9698 8669).

2. You will receive written acknowledgement of your complaint within five working days of the complaint being received. This acknowledgement may offer a resolution to the matter, or if the complaint requires more investigation you will be told who will be handling the matter and you will be provided with information on what is being done to investigate the matter.

3. Complaints will be dealt with in a manner which ensures access, equity, timeliness and accountability. The internal process includes seven stages: acknowledgement, assessment, planning, investigation, response/resolution, follow-up and review. NADA aims to investigate and resolve all complaints within a month of receiving the complaint. If this time frame cannot be met, you will be informed of the reasons why and of an alternative timeframe for resolution.

Click here to download the Complaints Management Process chart.

Depending on the nature of your complaint, you may wish to raise your complaint with an external body.


Email: Phone: 02 9698 8669

Mail: Complaints, NADA, Po Box 2345, Strawberry Hills, NSW, 2012