The NADA Practice Enhancement Program: working with Complex Needs Forum

20-21 June 2012


The two day Complex needs Forum celebrated the achievements of NADA members and participation of stakeholders over the life of the two year Practice Enhancement Program. Presentations included a range of NADA member services showcasing the various strategies used to i increase their service's capacity to support clients with complex needs through the Service Practice Enhancement Program  Seeding Grants.  Stakeholders across a broad range of complex needs areas will present on the latest research and practice in acquired brain injury, criminal justice, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, borderline personality spectrum disorder and other areas of complex needs.


To access the PowerPoint's from speakers - click on the relevant link below.  If you have any queries about the materials please contact the speaker using the details included in the presentation, or contact Ciara at NADA.


Click here to download a copy of the forum program which includes brief overviews of the presentations across both days.


Participants at the event were asked to provide feedback, click here to download the Event Feedback Report.

Day one - 20 June 2012


Dr Astrid Birgden, Consultant Forensic Psychologist, Just Forensic
Addressing alcohol and other drug problems in adolescents and adults with an intellectual disability: A proposed intervention for the community justice program


Professor Eileen Baldry and Dr Leanne Dowse, School of Social Sciences, UNSW
Institutional pathways, the creation of complex needs and the justice system


Dawn Bainbridge, Manager - Community Programs, Karralika Programs
Increasing access and retention of clients with a cognitive impairment in a therapeutic community


Than Van Nguyen, Vietnamese Transitions Worker, Drug and Alcohol Multicultural Education Centre and Sue Henry Edwards, Principal Advisor, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Corrective Services NSW
The Vietnamese SMART Recovery Project: a Corrective Services Pilot

Jocelyn Sullivan, Project Officer, Freeman House
Accessibility review for clients with complex needs / partnership development and strengthening project


Alison Churchill, CEO, Community Restorative Centre NSW
Preventing the cycle of reoffending and imprisonment for complex needs groups


Clare Magni, Solicitor, NSW Legal Aid, Community Legal Education
Supporting drug and alcohol workers and clients to navigate the court system

Heidi Jarman, Senior Research Officer and Psychologist, Project Air Strategy, Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute, University of Wollongong
Working with clients with a personality disorders in drug and alcohol settings


Day two - 21 June 2012


Rachel Merton, CEO, Brain Injury Association NSW
Acquired Brain Injury: Invisibility is no barrier to being complex needs capable


Jamie Berry, Director, Advanced Neuropsychological Treatment Service
Cognitive Screening / assessment and its role in understanding complexity


Jo Lunn, Improved Services Initiative Project Officer, We Help Ourselves
WHOS Practice Enhancement Program


Dr Julaine Allan, Senior Research Fellow / PEP project manager, The Lyndon Community 
Working with complex needs - cognitive impairment


Anne Russell, Founder and Executive Officer of the Russell Family Fetal Alcohol Disorders Association
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder:  Not just a children's issue


Liz Pearce, Kamira
Adapting Kamira's program for residents with complex needs


Kylie Willis, Paul Van Bruinessen and Julia Else, The Salvation Army Youthlink
The benefits of enhancing the life skills of young offenders within an AOD service context


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