What's Gender Got to Do with It?
A forum on improving outcomes for women in AOD treatment

NADA and the NADA Women's AOD Services Network hosted a free forum on 22 March 2016.

NADA members and stakeholders were invited to attend this free, one-day forum exploring best practice responses to the needs of, women (with and without children) seeking AOD treatment.

This event highlighted the importance of gender responsive practice and explored the topics:
• Setting the scene for gender responsive practice in AOD treatment
• Pregnancy, parenting and family inclusive practice
• Working together with Family and Community Services
• Emerging research on social anxiety treatment for women
• The impact of trauma and importance of trauma informed practice

The full agenda lists all speakers, the event program includes abstracts and biographies of all speakers, and the Event Report and Evaluation Summary includes key messages delviered throughout the day, key points of the open space discusssions and a summary of the evlauations received from participants on the day.

Some of the speakers were also happy to distribute their slides. To view them click on the links below.

"What's gender got to do with it? ... Plenty!"
Suzie Hudson Clinical Director, NADA

Consumer experience of accessing AOD treatment
Gwen Challenger-Scotman

Gender, family inclusive practice and the voice of the child
Stefan Gruenert Odyssey House Victoria

Working with pregnant women who use alcohol and other drugs
Courtney Breen PHD Research Fellow, NDARC, UNSW

Improving residential treatment outcomes for women with social anxiety
Dr Petra Staiger Deakin University

The gendered nature of trauma, addiction and recovery
Philip Hilder Psychologist

Making gender-based violence visible: Exploring the need for family and domestic violence-informed responses in working with women who use alcohol and drugs
Leticia Funston
, faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney

Leticia's presentation is not available for distribution as her research is still underway. If you have any questions about her work or presentation she is happy for you to contact her.