Evaluation and Future Directions

NADA Women's AOD Services Development Program Evaluation
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NADA Women's AOD Services Development Program (SDP) External Evaluation and Future Directions Report

NADA contracted an external evaluation of the Women's AOD SDP in July 2015. The evaluation reviewed the activity, outcomes and outputs of the program between June 2013 and June 2014. The evaluators concluded that the Program succeeded in delivering a substantial quantity and quality of outputs. Further, the evaluators concluded that the breadth of effort, combining

• new resources and publically accessible information via the NADA website
• evidence-based and provider appropriate service enhancements through the grants program
• professional development and training opportunities for the AOD sector, plus
• new collaborations and partnerships primarily driven through the Women's Network
Significantly contributed to building the capacity of women's services to better engage with and treat women in NSW.

Overall the evaluation report makes 41 recommendations for the future, most related to extending successful components of the 2013-15 Program and expanding the reach and impact of the evidence-based practices and approaches it produced. NADA are working on how to best meet these recommendations with available resources.


Download the full report [PDF] or for a brief overview, download the Executive Summary [PDF].