Women’s Network associate membership launch

Women’s AOD Services Network associate membership launch
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Added 31/08/2016

Women's AOD Services Network associate membership and logo launch

NADA and the Women's AOD Services Network are excited to announce the launch of the associate membership category!

The Women's AOD Services Network is a collective of women's only service providers that works together to improve service delivery, share skills and resources across women's services providing AOD treatment and support for women in NSW.

Associate membership of the network opens up opportunities for information exchange, networking and capacity building relating to improved service provision for women outside of women's only NGO service settings. For more information download the information sheet here.

Staff from NADA members who provide support to women in mixed gender services or those with an interest in improving the way they work with women are now eligible to apply.

The first associate network capacity building and networking opportunity is scheduled for 13 October 2016with a focus on domestic violence. Save the date now.

Register to become a network member. 
The Women's Network have also launched a new logo to help facilitate a collective voice; it was designed in consultation with the full network members.



For more information on the network click here.