Policy & Advocacy

Policy and advocacy are two significant focus areas for NADA and we want you to be involved through information UPDATES we provide, FORUMS AND EVENTS we hold and providing us FEEDBACK anytime policy changes affect your organisation.

Advocacy is a primary role of NADA as a peak body, representing and speaking out for our members - the non government alcohol and other drugs sector of NSW. Our advocacy aim is captured in our Strategic Plan:Influence drug and alcohol related public policy and promote solutions to an effective non government drug and alcohol service system.

We build relationships with government departments, funding bodies, specialist organisations, research bodies, other peaks, and educational institutions to demonstrate our diverse and effective sector.

We welcome contribution from our members and stakeholders to ensure we accurately reflect the diverse views and concerns of our members.

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NADA provides regular updates on our policy and advocacy activity.

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Keeping the sector informed on state and commonwealth funding developments

With the number of policy and funding reviews currently impacting on the sector, NADA has introduced Sector Watch Updates to keep the sector informed through regular updates for members staff, management committee and boards. 

December 2017 update

September 2017 update

April 2017 update

July 2016 Update

April 2016 Update

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NADA develops policy responses and submissions based on internal knowledge and expertise from staff and Board members, as well as garnering expertise from members, stakeholders, professional bodies and individuals.

NADA leads or contributes to the development of formal collective responses with our stakeholders for greater effect. However, we also make independent submissions on matters that have the potential for significant impact on our members.

For more information on NADA's policy and advocacy work, go to the NADA Submissions page. 



NADA staff attend meetings and consultations to represent and advocate for our members. You can review a full list of regular meetings that NADA staff and Board members attend: MEETING REPRESENTATION