Families & Carers ToolKit

Tools for Change: A new way of working with families and carers


Tools for Change was launched at the NADA/MHCC Conference, Outside In: Community Responses to Complex and Diverse Needs on Friday 8 May 2009 by Mr David McGrath, Director, Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office, NSW Health.

The toolkit has been developed by NADA in consultation with its membership and forms part of the NGO Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Family and Carer Project funded by the Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Office, NSW Health. The project aims to improve the support offered to the families and carers of clients with co-existing mental health and drug and alcohol problems that are accessing non goverment drug and alcohol services.

Tools for Change caters to the diverse range of services provided by NADA members, and the clients accessing those services. It contains a range of interventions, practice tips, service models, resources and training organisations to assist services in working with families. A CD-Rom is also included which contains useful tools such as template policies for working with families, a family inclusive practice workplace audit, assessment tools, checklists and a list of family and carer support services.

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UPDATE: Click here for additional questionnaires for family members not included on the CD-Rom (140KB)

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For more information on the toolkit or NADA Family and Carer Project, please contact Robert on 02 8113 1320 or Robert.