NADA Policy Toolkit 2nd Edition (2015)



Download the toolkit here


What is the toolkit? 

The NADA Policy Toolkit 2nd Edition is designed to guide non government drug and alcohol organisations to develop and review operational policy documents and support their formal quality improvement program.

The new edition is the result of a comprehensive review of the NADA Policy Toolkit (2010) and provides a new, up-to-date and user friendly toolkit of policy and procedure templates that can be adapted to support individual organisations.


How do I access the toolkit?

To download the toolkit click here.  

Please note the toolkit is a large file with interlinking documents so we have zipped it to decrease the file size and ensure you can still use it in its optimal format. Once you have saved the zip file just extract the documents as a group and you will be able to use the toolkit as intended.


Newly reviewed policy: Risk Management Policy

16 October 2017

Download the newly reviewed Risk Management Policy (MS Word) and its supporting documents - Risk register template , Client drug overdose risk management plan, Home visiting risk management plan, Mental health related episodes risk management plan, and Opioid overdose response template. These files are not currently included in the Policy Toolkit zip file, but will be integrated at a later date.


New policy: 4 April 2017
Download the DV Policy Template (MS Word), DFV Screener, Tips for completing the DVSAT and Responding to DV: What you need to know. These files will be included in the toolkit at a later date.

A user guide is included in the zip file but you can also download a hardcopy User Guide and you can use the Template Map to view a list of the contents of the templates.

Please note the Template Map links to templates will only work when the toolkit is downloaded as a whole. Downloading from here will allow you to see the scope of the templates included.

If you would like a CD with all the toolkit content please contact NADA.


What is included in the toolkit?

The toolkit includes ahardcopy user guideand a range of electronic documents including

-An electronicUser Guideproviding you with background information and some information on how to use the Template Map and templates

- A Template Mapacting as a content list andallowing you to link directly to the templates

- 190 policy and supporting document templatesin three section

1.Governance and leadership includes five policy and 55 supporting document templates incorporating governance, work health and safety, financial management, risk management and organisational development.

2. Administration and support includes five policy and 79 supporting document templates covering communications, information technology, human resources, clinical supervision and program management.

3. Service delivery includes two policy and 44 supporting document templates cover service and program operations and client clinical management. 

NADA will continue to update the toolkit over time, with new policy topics, new supporting documents and changes when legislation changes are implemented. If you have any feedback on the current content or have ideas for future policy development areas please contact feedback at NADA.


How do i access templates from the 2010 version?

The 2010 Policy Toolkit is still available online here. The majority of information in this version has been updated and reviewed in the 2015 version but there may be some  templates that you may still find useful.


Who funded the development of the toolkit?

The NADA Policy Toolkit 2nd Edition was developed under the NADA Sector Capacity Building Program and was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health.


How do I get more information?

Background information on the toolkit is included in the hardcopy and electronic user guides but if you want more information please don't hesitate to contact Ana.


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