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Working together for families: Child protection in the AOD service context

Parents with AOD use issues can significantly impact on the wellbeing of dependent children. Parents are frequently involved with AOD treatment services, with or without their children in their care. The involvement of child protection services can lead to significant change for parents and their children.

It is essential that professionals working with parents of dependent children have a thorough and up-todate understanding of the legislation, processes, procedures and relevant guidelines. AOD service workers need to focus on the needs of the children and family and to work collaboratively with other services such as Family and Community Services (FaCS).

The purpose of this resource is firstly to provide key information to AOD service workers engaged with substance using parents with dependent children. The resource also aims to provide a framework for more effective collaboration between AOD services and child protection services. Included in this resource are links to relevant resources and guidelines for informing practice. It is hoped that the information in this resource will ultimately have a positive impact on the lives of children whose parents are involved with significant AOD use.

This resource was developed by Kamira through the NADA grant program funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health.