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The Women's AOD Services Network is a collective of women's only service providers that works together to improve service delivery, share skills and resources across women's services providing AOD treatment and support for women in NSW.

Associate membership of the network opens up opportunities for information exchange, networking and capacity building relating to improved service provision for women to non women's only service settings. For more information download the information sheet here.

A profile of the Women's AOD Network and its members, including a range of information on achievements of the network can be found on the NADA resources page.


The Women's AOD Network Gender Responsive Model of Care

Dr Jo Mitchell, Executive Director, Centre for Population Health, NSW Ministry of Health launched the Women's AOD Network Gender Responsive Model of Care on the 21 November 2016. The model highlights best practice approaches to working with women with AOD use issues.

The model not only informs individual network member models of care, the development of their service specific client journeys and data collection strategies, but that it also provides an overarching picture of best practice in working with women in the AOD sector. It is the hope of the network that all services working with women with AOD use issues adopt this model as standard practice.

For a full description of all elements of the model refer to the NADA, 2016, Women's AOD Services Network Gender Responsive Model of Care.


Key messages

The Network meet bi-monthly and identify Key messages for communication to NADA memebrs and stakeholders after each meeting.

Download a record of the Networks Key Messages or subscribe (at the bottom of the home page) to receive the NADA quarterly e-zine the Advocate for quarterly updates.


Network membership
Full membership is open to NADA members who are women's only services working with women (with and without children) with AOD issues.  Current full Network members include:
• Detour House
• Dianella Cottage
• Guthrie House
• Jarrah House
• Kamira
• Kathleen York House
• Leichhardt Women's Community Health Centre
• Phoebe House
• Sydney Women's Counselling Centre
• WHO's New Beginnings

A list of associate network members will be updated and made available on a bi-monthly basis.

Current activities
The Network is supported by the Australian Department of Health, Substance Misuse Service Delivery Grant Fund through the Women's AOD Services Development Program. The network is currently funded until June 2017.

The full network meet bi-monthly and provide regular meeting updates in the NADA Advocate e-magazine.

Two open network events will be held in 2016-2017 (October and March) for associate network members (see the NADA events page for more details).

Model of Care development (in train)

The Network is working to develop a shared Model of Care to clearly identify what members of the Network offer to their clients, and to assist in working towards and demonstrating consistent practice for women accessing their services.  This will be made publicly available in 2016 -2017 and can be a starting point for non women's services to consider how to adapt and improve their practice when working with women.


What's gender got to do with it? Forum
The network co-hosted with NADA 'What's gender got to do with it? A forum on improving outcomes for women in Alcohol and Other Drugs treatment' on 22 March 2016.  For more information on the forum click here.


Are you asking the DV Question Forum

This event highlights the opportunities in AOD services to better identify and support women affected by domestic violence. Download the program here. For more information about the forum, including presentation slides please click here


Identifying and responding to Domestic Violence in AOD Settings

The Network participated in a survey to identify current understanding and practice in identifying and responding to DV across the Network. As a result a half day training program has been developed as part of an organisational change management project to help Network members increase their capacity in identifying and responding to DV amongst their client group. Training is being rolled out in June - Aug 2016.

Network members are also working with NADA to develop a Policy and procedure template on this topic which will be added to the NADA Policy Toolkit.

NADA 2016 Conference: Women's AOD Services Network Satellite Event

NADA hosted a satellite event at the NADA Conference on the 7th June to inform non members about the associate membership options and to get input from those working with women into 2016-2017 planning for the network. For more information click here.


For more information on these activities contact womens network at NADA.