National Patient Pathways

Project name: National Patients Pathways
Project leaders: Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre with National Drug Research Institute, Alcohol and Drug Council of Australia, Monash University
Funder: Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
Project duration: July 2011 - June 2014

The National Patient Pathways Project will gather information and provide advice in the alcohol and other drug sector across three priority areas:
1.Documenting current AOD prevention and treatment systems in Australia
2.Understanding pathways through care
3.Describing a specialist AOD system in terms of interventions and linkages with primary / community care.

The project will:
• Describe the current alcohol and other drug systems in each state and territory
• Link data from AOD, emergency department, and hospitals to examine AOD client experiences with health services and systems
• Interview clients that are new to an AOD service, to explore their journey into, through, and following treatment along with their contact with other systems and their views on treatment
• Critically analyse the information obtained to provide direction for system design in the context of national health reform

Major benefits of the project are the exploration of current AOD systems in Australia and people's interface with health and other systems and the use of this information to provide critical comment about the future of AOD service provision in the context of national health reform.

Advisory committee
An Advisory Committee has been established to provide expert advice to the Australian Government regarding, and for the duration of, the review.

Its role is to:
• Contribute expert knowledge and advice to the review;
• Provide advice on existing and emerging issues in relation to the alcohol and other drug treatment sector; and
• Facilitate stakeholder engagement and partnerships within the alcohol and other drug sector.

Further information
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Project contact
Professor Dan Lubman
Phone: (03) 8413 8448

Project Update
The project documents the current policy context, needs, investment, service types, strengths and challenges of current specialist alcohol and other drug systems in Australia; describes patient journeys through alcohol and other drug treatment, hospital admissions, emergency department contacts, and contacts with the broader social services and legal sector; and describes interventions and linkages between specialist alcohol and other drug systems and primary/community care. (Excerpt from Review of the Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment Services Sector Communiqué No. 1 - 29 July 2013)