National Quality Framework

Project name: Quality Framework for Australian Government funded drug and alcohol treatment services
Project leaders: Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre
Funder: Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
Project duration: July 2013 - June 2014

The quality framework aims to complement work completed or currently underway by governments within the drug and alcohol treatment services sector to better understand and improve service quality and inform future planning needs.
The intention is for the quality framework to be developed in collaboration with the states and territories and lead and drive towards quality improvements in alcohol and other drugs treatment service delivery and improved client outcomes.

The project will build on existing successes and innovation in the alcohol and other drugs sector through:
• A collaborative and consultative process involving and led by alcohol and other drug clinicians and the engagement of key stakeholders;
• Mapping existing standards and innovative processes around quality assurance; and
• Contributing to improved service delivery across the alcohol and other drugs sector.

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Project contact
Professor Dan Lubman
Phone: (03) 8413 8413

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Summary for AOD treatment service providers