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Workforce Development Training Grant Program

The July to December 2018 training grant round is now open for applications.


Conference Support Grants

Open all year subject to available funds.


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Conference Support Forms

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When can I apply for a training grant?  

The NADA Workforce Development Training Grants program is open for applications twice a year, in May and November. Dates will appear in our latest news and above on this page.


How do I apply for a training grant?

You can apply for a grant by downloading the Training Grant Application Form and submitting it to


How much is available and what is the eligibility criteria?

For information on eligibility and funding amounts download the Training Grant Eligibility and Application Guidelines.


Where can I find relevant training courses?

There are a range of training providers that offer training suitable for the drug and alcohol and community sector. NADA has developed a simple online training directory to help find a suitable course. Please remember you are not limited to applying for the courses on this website only - you can apply for any course, as long as it fits the criteria. Our online training directory can be found here.


How do I claim my grant?

When you have completed the training, your organisation submits a  Member Grant Reimbursement form along with an invoice from your organisation to NADA and any relevant receipts. The training grants program is a reimbursement only grant program. Money can only be reimbursed to organisations, not individuals.


Where can I get more information on training grants?

For more information on the training grants program check out the Workforce Development (WFD) Training Grants Frequently Asked Questions  information sheet.

If you still need more information, please email


All Training Grant Forms and Information for 2018




What does the conference support grants program offer?

NADA Conference Support Grants offer NADA members financial support for oral paper or workshop presentations at relevant conferences.


When can I apply for a conference support grant?

You can apply for a conference support grant at any time of the year. However funding is limited and dependent on how many applications are received, the amount of funding requested, and available funds.


How do I apply for conference support?

You can apply for a grant by downloading the Conference Support Application Form and submitting it to


Where can I get more information about conference support grants?

For more information about NADA's Conference Support Program download the Conference Support Eligibility information sheet.


All Conference Support Forms and Information


More Information
For enquiries about training grants or conference support grants please email 



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