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Webinar: Improving service provision for gender and sexuality diverse populations

7 July 2022
11:00am – 12:00pm
Online, At your desk,

Keen to enhance your service provision for gender and sexuality diverse individuals? This webinar will dive into the importance of discussing clients' gender identity, sexual orientation or intersex status.

Weaving this into a client's treatment plan is key to offsetting barriers to appropriate treatment. As clinicians and workers in the AOD sector, creating a safe and comfortable space for clients is essential. Talking about gender identity and sexuality gets easier when workers understand the purpose behind asking these questions and gain more experience in asking.


In this webinar NADA partnered with ACON, and we will

  • Talk through the updates to the Sex/Gender and Sexuality questions in NADAbase
  • Understand the importance of using inclusive language and asking about people’s gender and sexuality in AOD settings
  • Hear from the perspective of a service user and frontline workers to understand any barriers and enablers
  • Explore approaches to having conversations about gender and sexuality and how it can be applied in AOD settings, including data collection.

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