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Providing alcohol and other drug treatment in residential settings (Webinar)

27 September 2022
11:30am – 12:30pm
Online, Zoom,
This webinar marks the launch of NADA's new practice resource for providing AOD treatment in residential settings. 

This resource outlines research on the effectiveness of residential treatment and covers a variety of different types of residential treatment for the range of people who seek support. 

The panel will discuss: 
  • Frontline worker experiences of specialist AOD treatment in residential settings, 
  • best-practice approaches, 
  • principles of care for residential treatment, 
  • trauma-informed care approaches, 
  • inclusive practices for families and children, 
and much more!

Who should attend: 
This webinar is aimed at any frontline worker, manager or other service staff member interested in learning more about providing alcohol and other drug treatment in residential settings. 

Panel Members: 
Bianca Amoranto (Community Restorative Centre, Lived Experience)
Fabian Galbraith (Lived Experience)
Dr. Alana Fisher (Macquarie University)
Dr. Suzie Hudson (Centre for Alcohol and Other Drugs)

Sarah Etter (NADA)

Panel members will include a member with lived experience, Dr Suzie Hudson and Dr Alana Fisher. Sarah Etter (NADA) will be moderating the panel. 

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