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Performance outcomes: Virtual workshop

5 October 2022
2:00pm – 4:00pm
Online, Zoom,
You are invited to an important 2-hour virtual workshop with NADA and the Drug Policy Modelling Program (DPMP) Team from UNSW.

Come join us and help to develop the system for collecting performance measurement information across the NGO AOD sector.

Why attend?
The aims of the KPI workshops are to:

• Work through any definitional issues
• Discuss best methods for data collection
• Discover and discuss potential implementation/administrative issues.

Who should attend?
All NADA and ATODA members are invited to attend this workshop. We would also like to invite representatives from funders of NSW and ACT NGO AOD treatment services who are involved in the review of performance-related data. 

The information collected at these workshops will be used to write specifications for the sector in the collection of key performance indicators.

Which KPIs will we be discussing? 
NADA members and their funders have been actively involved in the identification of the 16 key performance indicators (KPIs) for AOD treatment services. The next step is to work out exactly what kinds of information to collect and how best to collect this information in a way that complements existing reporting requirements.

After a successful full-day workshop discussing some of the 16 KPIs, we are now moving to virtual workshops to discuss the following KPIs:

11. Treatment capacity: Treatment capacity during reporting period (bed occupancy, use of available counselling or group sessions). 

9. Culturally safe service: Number and percentage of people that report the service was culturally safe and appropriate. 

7. Linked up: Percentage and number of people that report they were linked up with other services to support them when they leave the program. 

By developing these specifications, the AOD treatment sector will have a tool that can better:

• demonstrate the value of the treatment being provided
• showcase the work of services
• improve client care
• and enhance accountability to funders.

Importantly, this work is being driven by the sector itself.

Discussion papers will be circulated prior to the event that outline existing tools and outstanding questions or gaps for each of the indictors to help inform the workshop discussions.

This workshop is organised and supported by NADA and the DPMP, UNSW. The DPMP have been commissioned to assist in developing the specifications and a manual for the AOD key performance indicators. This initiative is supported with funds from the Department of Health.

This workshop contains the same content as the workshop on the 4th of October. Please only register for one of the two workshops. 

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