Women’s AOD services network

Network update

The Women’s Network has had a busy year of information sharing, gathering and exchanging learnings within the network. The network continued to host meetings at network member sites, with the lastest meeting held in October 2018 in Orange where they toured the Lyndon Womens Program and the programs on offer.

The meeting also enabled the network to discuss several topics, including:

  • recruitment and workforce availability
  • access to childcare outside of treatment
  • working with Centrelink and the Job Network
  • advocacy for women’s services.

NADA thanks the network for raising these topics and has provided some advice and support to the network where possible.

The network will continue to further advance initiatives and activities that have been in development throughout the year and looks forward to sharing these with the sector in 2019.

About the network

The Women’s Network is comprised representatives of non government women specific AOD treatment programs (programs only open to women) in NSW that provide services to substance using women, including those providing services to pregnant women and women with children.

The network works together to improve service delivery, share skills and resources across women’s AOD services in NSW.

For more information about the network, email Rubi Montecinos at rubi@nada.org.au or phone 8113 1312.

Special projects

Women’s AOD Services Network gender responsive model of care
The network developed a Model of Care to highlight best practice approaches to working with women with AOD use issues.

Women’s AOD Services Network profile
NADA in partnership with the Women’s AOD Services Network developed this resource to promote referral pathways for women accessing AOD treatment.

Working with women engaged in alcohol and other drug treatment 2nd edition
Developed in collaboration with the network, this resource is a practical guide to supporting workers and organisations to provide best practice interventions for women accessing AOD treatment.