NADA’s new eLearning platform

Launched at the NADA Conference 2018, NADA’s new eLearning platform enables workers to access training at a time and place that suits them. Two courses have now been been uploaded.
Complex needs capable
NADA has translated the Complex needs capable resource into a free eLearning course to increase reach and create a sustainable learning pathway for members to upskill in responding to complex needs. The course consists of five modules that focus on cognitive impairment, criminal justice, building practice strategies and service capacity.
MERIT program
Members can now access free online training on the MERIT program. Developed by the Health Education Training Institute, the eLearning MERIT program consists of one module that provides an introduction to the MERIT program by looking at the principles of the program for clients, outlines the stages of the MERIT process and role of the MERIT clinician.
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