Sector watch: July 2020

Funding advocacy

NADA has been actively advocating for funding support for our membership across two critical issues. Firstly, NADA members will be aware of the COVID-19 impact survey we have recently conducted across our sector. This resulted in identifying the major barriers and costs associated with implementing changes to service delivery including: increased costs relating to PPE and infection control measures, increased use of technology (telehealth and computer based communications, upskilling staff in use of technology), supporting staff to work from home and a range of other new costs. Further, the drop in client related contributions to residential rehabilitation budgets was also noted. NADA wrote directly to the NSW Health Minister and asked for an additional 1.5% supplement to all NSW Health AOD NGO contracts for the 2020/21 financial year to assist NGO AOD service providers to meet these additional COVID-19 related costs to their service delivery.

NADA is also working with the AOD Peaks Network nationally to write to the Federal Health Minister requesting Commonwealth financial assistance to support members’ responses to the impact of COVID-19, as well as seeking a response to our ongoing advocacy related to the reinstatement of CPI and commitment to maintaining the ERO supplement for all NGO grants.

The second critical issue relates to the NCOSS campaign for an immediate increase of 2% indexation to all NSW government funded NGOs to cover the costs of the Fair Work Commission wage increase of 1.75% mandated in their June 2020 minimum wage decision.

For full details, read Sector Watch [PDF]

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