Outcomes from the Collaborative Connections symposium

Explore the outcomes from MHCC and NADA’s recent symposium on community-managed mental health and AOD services in NSW. Leaders and stakeholders gathered to confront existing service delivery silos, advocating for integrated care and systemic reform.

Key findings highlight successful practices like evidence-based approaches and flexible service delivery, alongside challenges such as restrictive funding and systemic barriers hindering effective support for co-occurring mental health and substance use needs.

The report outlines crucial recommendations:



  1. Increase funding and resources: Advocate for sustainable funding models and infrastructure investment.
  2. Foster collaboration and co-location: Strengthen partnerships and develop co-location models for integrated care.
  3. Improve service accessibility: Expand service availability and adopt flexible, person-centred approaches.
  4. Address systemic issues and reduce stigma: Implement stigma reduction initiatives and advocate for policy changes.
  5. Promote research and data utilisation: Support research initiatives to inform evidence-based treatments.
  6. Enhance workforce capacity and attitudes: Recruit and retain skilled staff, and provide cross-sector training.

Download the full report [PDF]




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