NADA practice leadership group

Network update

The NPLG worked on their action plan for 2022–2024, with the access and equity research remaining very much a focus. The group is now working on the upcoming practice forum.

Meeting highlights:
1. DCJ roundtable has been very helpful to NADA members, especially understanding where to raise issues and escalating to the correct channels.
2. Warm referrals between services help streamline referral pathways and bridge the gap between the early intervention and treatment space.
3. Uniting presented on their Fair Treatment campaign on how we can achieve drug law reform.

The network bid farewell to Grace Rullis, a passionate and intelligent leader, and wish her the very best. She parted with these words of advice: ‘Develop and balance leadership, working from your heart, advocacy and clinical innovation. Build inclusive and diverse partnerships to inspire staff and organisational development. Through evidence, innovation, kindness and a shared ideological shift,we can transform the sector.’

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Help your service deliver person centred and evidence based practices to improve the wellbeing of clients and their networks of support. Learn about each member, their area of expertise and their interest. Contact us to ask for support.

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Vision statement

Connecting clinical practice leaders in the NSW non government alcohol and other drug sector for the purpose of increasing the capacity of service providers to deliver person centred, evidence based practices to improve the wellbeing of clients and their networks of support.

The NPLG was established in July 2015 and now comprise 11 members representing a variety of specialist non government AOD treatment services. All members are clinical practitioners and considered leaders in the sector as evidenced by their professional backgrounds, accreditation status and clinical experience.

The group meet four times a year and meetings are open to other members/organisations as guest speakers only by invitation.

The overall aim of the NPLG is to inform the development of NADA policy and advocacy, and sector program development in relation to sector clinical and therapeutic practices. It will provide a mechanism to consult with experienced, committed and skilled practitioners to advise NADA and other key stakeholders.

The NPLG terms of reference can be viewed here [PDF].

For more information about the network, please contact us.


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