NADA innovate reconciliation action plan 2023–2025

Reconciliation action plan

Reconciliation action planNADA innovate reconciliation action plan 2023–2025
NADA is committed to leading and supporting reconciliation across the NSW non-government AOD sector. As a peak organisation, we have the potential to make a broad impact through our 80 organisational members and numerous partners. We presented the first NADA Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in 2017, and the second in September 2023. We are proud to work alongside Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations members that provide culturally competent services to First Nations people. Close to 23% of episodes of care delivered by NADA members are to First Nations peoples; so, we work with our greater membership so they too can provide services that feel culturally safe. We are also working to ensure that the outcomes of treatment consider social and emotional wellbeing, and the importance of connection to culture.

This RAP aims to promote accountability through setting out the ‘who,’ ‘when’ and ‘what’ of reconciliation work. Through the deliverables, timelines, and allocation of responsibility for actions, we will spend the next 2 years working to make our vision reality. This work will see us progress towards a society that is inclusive and equitable, where the health and wellbeing of First Nations peoples is equal to that of non-First Nations people, a society that has eliminated racism and other social determinants known to cause health inequity, and where everyone can access the help they need, when and where they need it, including AOD treatment.

NADA acknowledges the RAP Working Group for driving the development of this RAP and to NADA staff, members and partners for their support and contribution.

Download the NADA innovate reconciliation action plan [PDF]

The NADA RAP features artwork by Karlie Stewart, titled ‘Gudjagas’.


Reconciliation Action Plan working group
NADA’s RAP is being implemented in consultation with the NADA RAP Working Group. Thank you for the ongoing work of members in this group. As at May 2024, members of the working group include:

  • Elke Wooderson, The Buttery
  • Julie Dignan, Lives Lived Well
  • Angus Mason, Hunter New England Local Health District Drug and Alcohol Clinical Services
  • Natasha Schuyt, Mission Australia, Triple Care Farm Walawaani Campus
  • Jacinta Ryan, Directions Health
  • Leanne Lawrence, Lives Lived Well
  • Raechel Wallace, NADA
  • Hannah Gillard, NADA
  • Maricar Navarro, NADA
  • Robert Stirling, NADA
  • Karla Priestley, Lives Lived Well
  • Rachael Gould, SDECC
  • Lea-Anne Miller, Yerin Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Services
  • Antonia Ravesi, NADA

Join the NADA RAP Working Group
The Working Group is always open to new members. If you’d like to be part of advancing reconciliation work in the alcohol and other drugs sector, fill out the group EOI form. The group is open to people within and outside of First Nations communities.


Latest news

18 January 2024
As we approach 26 January, we consider the impact of colonisation and what that date means to many in First Nations communities. We aim to instil respect for First Nations communities into everyday and operational activities. Last year we made the decision to provide NADA staff with the choice to take a leave day on any other day.


Progress and achievements

2017 NADA launched its first Innovate RAP, which was developed to strengthen our relationships and partnerships and to help foster shared cultural understanding and respect across our sector. It was also intended to strengthen opportunities for First Nations people within the context of NADA as a peak body and as an organisation committed to strengthening its employment and supplier diversity.

2019 Development of the Alcohol and other Drugs Treatment Guidelines for Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in a Non-Aboriginal Setting (2019). The resource was developed alongside a cultural ‘audit’ process for NADA members, preferably referred to by Raechel Wallace as a yarning process, wherein 12 community services were engaged and given feedback about the inclusiveness of their workplace towards First Nations communities. Aboriginal ‘auditors’ were also trained as a result of the project to assist more workplaces in assessing and acting on the inclusiveness of their service towards First Nations communities.

2023 NADA’s second Innovate RAP launch. This RAP aims to promote accountability through setting out the ‘who’, ‘when’ and ‘what’ of reconciliation work. Through the deliverables, timelines, and allocation of responsibility for actions in this RAP, we will spend the next two years actioning our vision of accountability.

2023 NADA represented the sector with the Special Commission into Ice with the Centre of Alcohol and Other Drugs on the Aboriginal Workforce Roundtable, and the Aboriginal Program Manager is a member of the Centre of Alcohol Other Drugs Aboriginal Strategic Collaboration Group. This group has been established to provide advice on the implementation of new policies and programs through collaboration in developing culturally safe responses to reduce the harms from AOD in First Nations communities

Ongoing NADA is a partner of the Strategic Partnership Group, a partnership in NSW between the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW, Aboriginal Corporation Drug and Alcohol Network and Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation Network. This network meets quarterly to share information from the sector, working collaboratively in partnership with the AOD sector in NSW.


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