NADA position paper: Measuring performance of NSW non-government alcohol and other drugs treatment services

NADA has developed a position paper on measuring performance of NSW non-government alcohol and other drug treatment services. Click here.

The paper has been developed based on extensive research, led by NADA, which is documented in two peer-review publications and thesis. The research involved the significant engagement of NSW NGO AOD treatment providers, service users and funders.

The purpose of this position paper is to:

  1. Provide an overview of the research undertaken to identify a core set of performance measures
  2. Outlines NADA’s position on policy, practice and future research
  3. Provide recommendations to improve performance measurement for NSW NGO AOD treatment services.

The paper has been provided to all funders of NSW non-government AOD treatment services.

Please contact Robert if you have any questions about the paper.


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Stirling, R., Nathan, S., & Ritter, A. (2022). Prioritizing measures to assess performance of drug treatment services: a Delphi process with funders, treatment providers and service-users. Addiction, 16038.

Stirling, R. (2023). Performance measurement in alcohol and other drug treatment services.

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