Mission Australia’s Youth Survey Report 2020

Mission Australia's Youth Survey Report 2020 report details findings from Mission Australia’s 19th annual Youth Survey of young people aged 15 to 19 years to provide unique insights into the experiences of young people across Australia. It draws on quantitative and qualitative findings to highlight the strengths, concerns, views and challenges identified by young people.

Download the report [PDF] or infographic [PDF] which summarises the findings.

The Youth Survey Report 2020 has revealed that young Australians have significant concerns relating to equity and discrimination, COVID-19, mental health, education and employment. With 25,800 young people surveyed for the 19th annual Youth Survey, this landmark report provides invaluable evidence collected during the COVID-19 pandemic about young people’s most pressing concerns.

The Youth Survey Report 2020 contains results for each state and territory, as well as a detailed summary of results for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

This report has timely information that we hope will inform policy development at federal, state and territory levels.

Photo cc by 2.0 Ryan Vaarsi

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