Sector watch: September 2020

NSW Ministry of Health Business and Funding Model study

Members will have recently received communication from the NSW Ministry of Health about the Business and Funding Model (BAFM) study. NADA has been collaborating on the development of this study.

Why is the study important to NADA members?
The NSW non government AOD sector has been struggling to maintain its service delivery in an environment of what members have experienced as inadequate and reduced funding. This is as a result of inadequate CPI, no growth funding to meet client demand, and unit costs of service that do not reflect current service delivery. We have heard from members that it is increasingly difficult to maintain facilities and sustain a qualified workforce. We believe that the NSW government must urgently address the underfunding of AOD treatment and improve approaches to purchasing and contract management to ensure the sustainability of the sector.

For full details, read Sector Watch [PDF]

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