Security enhancements in NADAbase – what’s new

NADA considers effective data management a priority and has sought to support NADA members to engage with ethical collection and reporting of data from clients and consumers. In adherence to NADA’s data management plan and privacy policy, NADA will roll out new security features in NADAbase.

What changes should you expect?

NADA will introduce two-factor authentication for all NADAbase users. Two-factor authentication is an important security measure that adds a second layer of protection in addition to NADAbase users’ password. This ensures data entered and collected in NADAbase is secure and mitigates the risk of any data security breaches.

NADA will also introduce an automated ‘Forgotten password’ function for NADAbase users to reset their password. NADAbase users will need to strengthen their passwords using best practice of 8 characters, which must include a special character.

What we need you to do

To comply with the roll out of two-factor authentication in NADAbase, we request NADAbase Administrators to:

  • review their current NADAbase users and update access to programs
  • disable any inactive NADAbase users
  • ensure that all active NADAbase users have a valid email address.

Please ensure you have updated your NADAbase users information in the ‘User List’ tab of your program.

We will be in touch in the coming weeks for the final roll out date of the NADAbase security enhancements.

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