Analytics and evidence based leadership for your AOD workforce

Using evidence to improve and deliver the best possible AOD services is widely acknowledged as good practice. Join us for this webinar to understand how you can also use evidence to optimally lead your staff and organisation. There is a science to how we attract, retain, develop, and motivate employees and volunteers. NADA and VAADA have commissioned Curtin University to provide all AOD sector organisations with a Workforce Analytics Dashboard. This is part of the recently launched AOD Workforce Study: NGO Insights 2021. Join us for this webinar to learn more about how we can leverage your own workforce analytics and evidence based leadership to the benefit of your organisation, staff, and services.

The researcher: Ramon Wenzel, PhD | Chief Investigator AOD Workforce Study: NGO Insights 2021
Ramon Wenzel, Ph.D., is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Management and Marketing, Curtin University, and the Director of the Learning for Purpose initiative designed to research and realise the capacity, culture and capability of For-Purpose organisations. Ramon draws on human psychology, organisational management and data analytics to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of work systems including workforce engagement, retention and reward, professional development, health and wellbeing, and leadership.

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