AOD LGBTIQ inclusive guidelines for treatment providers

Although members of LGBTI and HIV positive communities use AOD for many of the same reasons as the population at large, there is evidence to suggest that shared experiences of LGBTI related discrimination can lead to patterns of AOD misuse specific to LGBTI people. This includes the use of AOD at higher levels than the general population and potentially for longer durations.
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This guide aims to increase the understanding of AOD workers about the needs of LGBTI people and communities, their needs and how to provide an inclusive service response. LGBTI inclusive practice, and LGBTI inclusive practice policies and guidelines provide AOD clinicians, workers and services with the tools and resources with which they can meet the specific needs of each client, taking into account their lived experience of gender identity, sexual orientation, body diversity and intersex status, as well as the varied and multiple minorities existing within these diverse communities (people living with disability, culturally and linguistically diverse people, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people).

ACON are leaders in the provision of health care for the LGBTIQ community, and NADA has been fortunate to support them on this resource, as well as Pivot Point and the eLearning module, Asking the question: recommended gender and sexuality indicators.

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