Gender responsive model of care

model of careThe model of care provides a description of the nature and approach of women’s only AOD service provision in NSW and provides an overarching picture of best practice in working with women in the AOD sector.
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The model of care promotes a better understanding of the importance, diversity and validity of women’s only service provision for those with AOD use issues. The model highlights best practice approaches to working with women accessing AOD treatment and can be used by organisations and support workers to improve standard work practices for working with women accessing AOD treatment.
The model of care is guided by client centred and gender responsive practice. It includes a theoretical framework of trauma informed, family inclusive, strength based and resilience orientated practice that provide the foundations for the range of comprehensive services provided. Elements of the model of care core include:

  • continuum of care
  • holistic approach
  • empowering environments
  • evidence-based treatment practices.

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