Treating the hype: Supports and treatment responses for people impacted by methamphetamine use


Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data list methamphetamine use second only to alcohol as the most common drug of concern in clients attending AOD services in Australia. Whilst overall rates of methamphetamine use in Australia have remained stable in recent years, people who use methamphetamine are reporting higher rates of regular and dependent use, leading to complex physical, mental health and social problems. The role of treatment and other interventions is crucial in addressing these, with residential rehabilitation, withdrawal management and counselling making up the current treatment options. The evidence base for stimulant-specific interventions and treatment is modest, but building, recognising the need for effective support that acknowledges the frequent experience of discrimination with this substance. This presentation will discuss where the AOD sector goes from hereā€¦

Brought to you in partnership with Insight and NCCRED (National Centre for Clinical Research on Emerging Drugs).

Presenters: Dr Suzie Hudson (NADA) and Florence Bascombe (NCCRED)

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