Using NADAbase outcomes data to inform practice

This webinar is aimed at frontline workers, managers and other service staff interested in learning how to use data to inform practice.

NADAbase has collected 10 years worth of outcomes data – how can you use it to inform your organisation’s practice?

Quality outcomes data is important in assisting services in being able to design and implement strategies, adapt and inform client treatment, and drive organisational improvement.

Join us for an online panel where members of the NADA Data and Research Advisory Group (NDRAG) share their knowledge, expertise and learnings on data collection and analysis.

The panel will discuss:
How they use the data at their service
How to engage staff with data collection and analysis
Insights on why anyone can be involved in data

Key learning outcomes
Understand the importance of quality and timely data collection and analysis
Explore how to use data to inform organisational practice

NADA Capacity Framework Domains
Foundational knowledge and practice
1.1 Understand and adapt practice according to higher systematic influences

Communication and engagement
2.3 Contribute to team and organisational effectiveness

Ethical, safe and responsible practice
4.6 Contribute to continuous improvement in quality and safety

Personal and professional development
5.2 Engage in research and evaluation

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