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Gender and sexuality diverse AOD worker network

Network update

The network hosted a webinar on ‘Providing inclusive AOD treatment for gender and sexuality diverse people.’ A panel led the discussion to support participants to:

  • understand the importance of using inclusive language and asking about people’s gender and sexuality in AOD settings
  • hear from the perspective of a service user and frontline workers to understand any barriers and enablers
  • explore approaches to having conversations about gender and sexuality and how it can be applied in AOD settings, including data collection.

Watch the webinar recording.

The network is now developing a position statement to advocate for the inclusion of gender and sexuality specific data items in the AIHW AODTS-NMDS and other data sources.

For more information or to join the network, please contact Hannah Gillard 8113 1365.


Network background

Why has NADA created this network?

Gender and sexuality diverse people are a priority in the National Drug Strategy, and other strategies related to AOD use. Whilst, NADA, and its partner in this work, ACON, have undertaken a range of activities to ensure its members are providing inclusive services, there is still much more work to be done in this area. Additionally, a recent workforce study [PDF] by NADA found that 15% of non government AOD workers in NSW identified as gender and sexuality diverse. The network provides an opportunity for those workers to come together in a safe and supportive environment.

About the network

In December 2019, NADA held the inaugural Gender and Sexuality Diverse AOD Worker Network. The membership currently comprises a small group of NSW AOD workers, which is inclusive of those providing frontline services, management, administration and research.

At the first meeting workers agreed that the network has a dual purpose to:

  • provide a supportive network for gender and sexuality diverse workers in the AOD sector
  • improve AOD services for gender and sexuality diverse people.

Network member:

I am passionate about both the AOD sector and the gender and sexuality diverse community, so to have them come together is very exciting. For me, being a part of this network means I can participate, advocate, educate and learn from both spaces at the same time. I also believe the establishment of this network will trickle down to improved client experiences through visibility, education and increased representation throughout different spaces in the sector. I am looking forward to being a part of this journey!    

The networks terms of reference can be viewed here [DOCX].

For more information or to join the network, please contact Hannah Gillard 8113 1365.

Would you like to ensure your services are more inclusive for gender and sexuality diverse people?

Guidelines: AOD LGBTIQ inclusive guidelines for treatment providers
eLearning: Asking the question: Recommended gender and sexuality indicators

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