Women’s clinical care network


The Women’s Clinical Care Network comprises non-government services that provide alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment and support to women, including services for pregnant women and women with children.

Aims of the Network

– Contribute to NADA’s broader aim to reduce the potential for AOD related harm to individuals, families and the community

– Improve the capacity of non-government AOD services to identify and respond to women clients who require AOD, mental health and other intersecting supports

– Collaborate on projects focused on supporting women with their AOD use, as agreed upon by the Network, where this work adds value to the group

– Promote shared solutions to common issues,to improve pathways and connections for AOD NGO services working with women

Why you should join

I joined the network because I think that we are strong in solidarity. Proportionately, women carry and hold the majority of the expertise in our area and I believe it
deserves upholding. I also believe that work in our area is… considered lower status (than it should be!) and traditionally this correlates to ‘women’s work’; care work, work that is sometimes messy but takes heart and humanity. And I want to be a part of recognising and building it up

– Network member Anna. 

Terms of Reference (TOR)

Email Network Coordinator Hannah for the latest Network TOR. 

How to get involved

All NADA members that provide AOD services to women are welcome to attend the Network’s forums and training. Join the mailing list to receive details of upcoming events, announcements and sector information relating to women accessing AOD treatment services. For more information or to join the network, please email Hannah Gillard.

Special projects and resources

The network in its different forms has worked together to improve service delivery, share skills and information since 2013. Resources developed by the network include:

Women’s AOD Services Network gender responsive model of care
The network developed a Model of Care to highlight best practice approaches to working with women with AOD use issues.

Working with women engaged in alcohol and other drug treatment 3rd edition
Developed in collaboration with the network, this resource is a practical guide to supporting workers and organisations to provide best practice interventions for women accessing AOD treatment.-


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