Aboriginal inclusion tool

A tool to improve Aboriginal inclusion in AOD services
Are your organisational practices inclusive when working with Aboriginal people and the Aboriginal community? This resource helps you assess, then improve your organisational policy and processes.
Aboriginal inclusion tool: User guide [PDF]
Aboriginal inclusion tool: Working document [MS Word]
NADA acknowledges the high levels of marginalisation and disadvantage of Aboriginal people in our communities and propose that the use of this tool will help services work towards improved inclusion of Aboriginal people in relation to service access and retention, employment and supplier diversity. Improving mainstream services for Aboriginal people doesn’t just mean including culturally appropriate programs—it requires a broader systemic approach that includes: data management, employment and economic involvement, communication, engagement and partnerships.
What’s in this resource?
This tool offers organisations one approach to consider these broader perspectives which is aligned to reconciliation action planning, by asking questions which attend to building respect, relationships and opportunities. The tool comes in two parts and should be read as a pair.
The resource has been adapted from the KIAP Impact Measurement Tool (2013, Red Elephant Projects and Department of Justice Victoria) with the support of Felicity Ryan, Connecting Culture. A range of stakeholders and member services also contributed to the review of the tool.

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