Shaping great work experiences

If AOD organisations give attention to the growth, wellbeing and overall work experience of their people, the workforce is more motivated, intents to stay, and performs better.

NADA, together with VAADA and Curtin University conducted a study into the various elements that comprise your total work experience. This is understood a system of influences and processes that affect your mindset and behaviour at work, and thus how you contribute to organisational and client success. 

Based on the study, this resource will help you better understand your work experience and offer ways you can improve it as an individual worker or a team leader or manager in a role that supports others.

Download this resource [PDF]

What’s inside?
Shaping great work experiences is comprised of 4 key sections:

  • Align strategies for business, people and operations Developing a strategy that determines how you attract, motivate, develop and retain your people  
  • Care, so everyone performs and stays Explores the concepts of Engage, Empower, and Motivate and how to enhance these to improve your own and others experience at work 
  • Design great work, so everyone can be at their best Considers Stimulating work, Mastery at work, Agency to Work, Relational work, Tolerable work and their role in the total work experience 
  • Develop people and skills, so everyone thrives The role of professional development and how to foster a culture of learning  

Download this resource [PDF]

This resource was developed by Ramon Wenzel for the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association and the Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies.

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