Better practice: performance management, evaluation, benchmarking

Enhancing performance management

How do you link theory with practice to ensure the interventions you are delivering are achieving your organisation’s desired outcomes? Watch this video to be introduced to performance management processes and key concepts in performance management. You will also be introduced to tools that will enable you to reflect, plan and implement methods for measuring, analysing and reporting on the work that you do with your organisation.


Introduction to evaluation

Do you have questions about evaluation? Like, what is it? Why is it important? Who can do it? How to get started?


Introduction to benchmarking

What one process will save you time and energy while also ensuring you and your staff are adhering to best practice? Benchmarking is the answer. The third webinar in the ‘Better Practice’ series will introduce what benchmarking is and how to use it as a simple quality improvement tool for your organisation, team and yourself.

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