Key performance indicator specifications for NSW NGO AOD treatment services

These are NGO AOD sector specifications that have been the result of extensive engagement by members and their funders to work towards consistency in our approach to performance-related data. They have been collaboratively developed with the intent of reducing data and reporting burden and making measurement more meaningful. It may not be appropriate to apply all KPIs to all organisations and populations. They are not perfect and should not be seen as a final document. It is envisaged that they will need to be revised, as with specification documents developed in other sectors.

NADA will continue to work with members and funders to support quality data that demonstrates the effectiveness of NGO AOD services. The specifications are only one tool to do that. We acknowledge the sector’s capacity to collect, analyse and report data to improve service delivery and demonstrate accountability and will continue to provide sector support.

Why an interim and full report? The only difference relates to the outcome KPIs, with the full report requiring an outcome survey within 7 days from the end of treatment. The interim report allows for any outcome survey after the initial survey.

We encourage people to read NADA’s position paper on performance measurement that outlines other mechanisms that will support the NGO sector in relation to performance measurement that covers the need for: an AOD performance framework; contract and performance management guidelines; resources required for performance measurement; and future research and measure development, including measures for priority populations.

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