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Human resources

Please be aware that NADA is currently reviewing and revising this toolkit to ensure it is in line with current legislation and practice requirements. As such, when using these documents, please check to ensure your content is in line with relevant legislation and any other policy requirements that may be applicable to your organisation.

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Human resources policy template (2019) and supporting documents
This file contains 1 policy template and 47 supporting documents.

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Human resources policy template (2019)

This policy provides guidance on developing and implementing governance systems to ensure compliance with relevant legislation, funding and financial obligations, and that the organisation meets the needs of its clients.

Sections in this policy
Human resources framework
Employee recruitment and selection
Conditions of employment
Performance and development
Workplace conduct
Succession planning
Ceasing employment
Personnel records
Student placement
Volunteer management
Internal references
External references

Download supporting documents

Essential worker letter (2020)
Code of conduct template (2017)
Human resources audit (2017)

Employee forms
Application for leave form (2017)
Casual employee timesheet (2017)
Employee bank account details (2017)
Employee certificate of service (2017)
Employee contact details (2017)
Employee exit checklist (2017)
Employee exit interview (2017)
Salary packaging agreement (2017)
Employee termination letter (2017)

Recruitment and interview
Applicant reference check (2017)
Guide to applying (2017)
Induction and orientation checklist (2017)
Induction and orientation feedback form (2017)
Position description—General (2017)
Employment contract (2017)
Position applications received register (2017)
Interview questions (2017)
Interview—individual applicant rating form (2017)
Interview—individual summary rating form (2017)
Interview schedule (2017)

Position descriptions
Aboriginal AOD worker PD (2019)
AOD outreach worker PD (2019)
Case worker PD (2019)
Counsellor PD (2019)
Psychologist PD (2019)
Registered nurse PD (2019)
Social worker PD (2019)
Youth AOD worker PD (2019)

Performance and development
Employee work plan (2017)
Performance and development plan (2017)
Performance and development review—CEO/Manager (2017)

Grievance management form (2017)
Grievance notice form (2017)
Grievance register (2017)

Student placements
Student placement agreement (2017)
Student placement contact details form (2017)
Student placement evaluation form (2017)
Student placement induction and orientation checklist (2017)

Volunteer agreement (2017)
Volunteer contact details form (2017)
Volunteer evaluation form (2017)
Volunteer induction and orientation checklist (2017)

Other supporting documents
Working from home—report and agreement (2018)
Working from home—privacy and confidentiality agreement (2020)

Related legislation

Annual Holidays Act 1944 (NSW)
Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW)
Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW)
Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cmlth)
Fair Work Act 2009 (Cmlth)
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1996 (Cmlth)
Industrial Relations Act 1996 (NSW)
Long Service Leave Act 1955 (NSW)
Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 (NSW)
Privacy Act 1988 (Cmlth)
Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cmlth)
Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cmlth)
Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992 (Cmlth)
Workers Compensation Act 1987 (NSW)
Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW)


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